Dr. Heidi

Founder and member of the 1989 Nobel Prize Winning team

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, Dr. Heidi, State Senator Gayle Slossberg
We were founded by Dr. Heidi Gold-Dworkin, a Yale doctor of molecular biology and a member of the 1989 Nobel prize winning team.

Headquartered in Connecticut, Little to Great Scientists® programs are now being implemented in public and private schools in the United States, Brazil and Japan. Little to Great Scientists® has curriculum unit lessons that exceed the rigors of the new NGSS and all state science standards.

Little to Great Scientists® specializes in providing personalized service to teachers and schools, modeling inquiry-based science, providing classroom mentoring, and professional development.

Science lessons are designed to be teacher friendly, applicable, and hands-on. These exciting, easy to teach classes motivate children and teachers alike. We meet local schools’ needs with personal attention and service.

Little to Great Scientists® classes increase cognitive, science, math, and literacy achievement for all students’.

& Vision

To bring the best in early science education to ALL children, through quality hands-on learning; enabling them to explore the world around them and to prepare for the jobs of the future.

Our vision is that Little to Great Scientists® will become the world’s leader in educating the next Generation of Great Scientists.

Little to Great Scientists®

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Our Founder:
Dr. Heidi Gold-Dworkin

A hero of science and society who gives back to her community, each and every day.
Dr. Christine Broadbridge, Dr. Heidi

Dr. Heidi

Founder and member of the 1989 Nobel Prize Winning team

How did you develop your love of science?

I fell in love with science growing up and attending public school in New Haven, Connecticut. One hands-on science teacher helped light the bulb of innovation and creativity in me and I hope to pass the torch forward by igniting curiosity in all young children.

Where did you receive your science education?

I was very blessed to have a world class science education. I graduated Cum Laude in Biochemistry from Cornell University, and then received my Ph.D. in molecular biology and biochemistry from Yale University. My thesis advisor received a Nobel prize in chemistry for work that was done while I was in his laboratory.

Why is giving back so important to you?

Many children in the USA and throughout the world do not have opportunities to learn science or STIEM (Science, Technology, Innovation, Engineering, and Mathematics) in school. Raising three children and rediscovering their sense of wonder and natural curiosity reignited in me the passion to help all young children receive the opportunity to develop their innate curiosity and sense of wonder.

In your perfect world what do you want children to feel or receive from Little to Great Scientists®?

I want all students’ who participate in hands-on science learning to strengthen their inner scientist and their power to discover, learn, and achieve. Children have that innate curiosity and we as adults and educators must nurture it carefully to enable them to develop to their full academic potential.


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