Little Scientists® Professional Development provides educators the tools to easily prepare their students to be scientists.

Whether the Professional Development is conducted on-site or on-line, Little to Great Scientists® makes it easy for the teachers to implement hands-on science.

Little to Great Scientists® offers three forms of Professional Development designed to best meet your needs:

Classroom Mentoring

Little to Great Scientists® has a team of certified teachers that are professionally trained in the Little to Great Scientists® Curriculum.

With this option, Little to Great Scientists® teaches the science lesson directly to the students in the classroom. The own classroom teachers learn through observation as professionally trained and certified Little to Great Scientists® educators teach the science lesson directly to the students.

On-site Professional Development

Little to Great Scientists® will work with administrators and teachers to implement the necessary professional development so science can be effectively taught in the classrooms.

For districts that are adopting the NGSS, these professional learning sessions will focus on the 3 dimensional learning in the standards so that educators can learn how to integrate science and engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas, and crosscutting concepts.

On-line Professional Development

Little to Great Scientists® provides customizable, remote, and on-demand professional development opportunities for science teachers. Our goal is to enhance teachers understanding of scientific practices and engineering design principals, so they are better equipped to instruct students on Little to Great Scientists® Curriculum Units.


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